Holidays under the Stars
Signs belonging to the element of Water:


Around the first half of July you will be more extrovert and helpful towards others. You will feel the urge to joke about everything and make your companions happy with unusual and pleasant initiatives. Those in a relationship will have a great period of lucidity and complicity. They will be able to have relaxing holidays and spend a little extra to satisfy their ego. By paying a little attention to insinuations and prevarication, the summer will be particularly happy. Singletons will have to conquer their tendency towards apathy and be more pro-active if they want to a relationship otherwise they risk missing out on great and constructive opportunities! At work, especially in June and July, you will have little time for distraction; in this period you will manage however to offload most of your tension and there will be new opportunities for change. Health: look after your oral health to avoid problems with your gums or teeth.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
United Kingdomand United States
Ideal partners:
Capricorn and Libra


During this period you will be very dynamic: you will face problems in a care free manner and will beat stress and tiredness by spending various evenings enjoying yourself, without worrying about the costs! Those of you in a relationship will go through a phase of great passion in the first week of July and will rediscover interests together with your partner. You will be able to go on romantic trips together and build a more sincere and clearer relationship with your beloved; some advice: avoid seeing too many people and devote this period to your relationship alone! Singletons will be very lucky around the 25th of August and will have wild imagination which will help them make new acquaintances. A new look is advised so others can see you in a different light and you will get compliments from those in your midst! At work, arguments with co-workers are likely, maybe when establishing the date for holidays. Health: watch out for food which is too rich and alcohol.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Simla India and Nepal
Ideal partners:
Taurus and Aquarius


Try not to rush things; follow your goals without changing course otherwise it'll take ages to re-establish equilibrium in various sectors of your daily life! Youngsters of this sign will have a very lucky phase around the 10th of June and then again around 7th August. During this period, they will be able to resolve any unease, come out of their shells and spend evenings with new friends. These will not be long term friendships but will leave their mark! More mature people will go through a period of uncertainty: they will feel the need for clarity and will not accept second best. At the cost of great suffering, they will be able to distance those they love if they are not satisfied with the situation. At work, you will be able to widen your prospects. Health: you have great psycho-physical energy and are able to dedicate time to sport for your personal well-being.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Kulu/Manali India and Melbourne Australia
Ideal partners:
Aquarius and Cancer
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