The Sign of the Month
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

On the 23rd of August the Sun enters the constellation of Virgo. As far as his personality goes the Virgo type is very much inclined towards precision; he does not like to show off and in fact sometimes can be quite shy; he has a great capacity to interpret what is around him and he is endowed with an analytical intelligence; generally he has a flair for precise and detailed types of work, from high finance to business etc. Being orientated towards rationality, the intelligence of the Virgo gives a great practical sense to those born under this sign. Sometimes the psychic side prevailing over the physical one leads to the refusal of the instinctual side, causing complexes, which in everyday life are seen as meanness. On the other hand, because of this the Virgo type knows how to run his property; he has obsessive tendencies and in love is more intellectual than emotional. He often tends to be selfish and contradictory. When there are negative aspects in the birth chart the Virgo type can become mean and malicious, and sometimes even antisocial.

Career: You can see some of your aspiration being fulfilled dung this period. You need to keep your decision-making trait going to enhance your career prospects. Consultants and teachers will have good time.

Romance: This is also a favorable time for build-up relationship. Your personal affairs might come under a cloud. It would be better to learn some lessons to cement this lovely bond.

Health: Utmost care is advised on your personal health during the month. You must continue physical exercises to keep diseases a bay..

Business/Finance: You can expect financial gain from promotion or new contact during the period. It is the best period to expand and diversify. Be careful while making financial transactions in this month. You might go on frequent travel on account of your work. Your pending work will be finished on time. At the end of the month you will be good financial positions.

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