The Sign of the Month
Sunday, July 25, 2021

Leo is a Fire sign and people born under this sign have great self-confidence and great courage given them by Mars. They have a flair and passion for life and have a great sense of pride. They tend to influence towards reaching ideals and during the course of their life they achieve great prestige in the work place because they are able to control any situation. But when the Leo does not succeed in reaching his objectives, depression gets the better of him leading to dejection showing in their personality and in cases of conflict they are people who are inclined to be obsessed withpower. When the Sun is in harmony with Venus, there is a balance in the family and love sector.

Career: Setting off towards new horizons help enhance career prospects. There are indications of getting a variety in your assignments, so make full use of your aspirations, supportive nature and open mind.

You are committed in their relationships and demand reciprocation of their undying loyalty. Your partner will be caring you for the date at the end of the month.

Health: Health wise, you will be upright and robust. Minor problems may cause some tension related to eye or blood impurities. Meditation is the best one to keep you fit..

Business/Finance: Time factor is a constraint to you as you have to deal with stock market, taxation etc. You have to use more stress and efforts to achieve your goals. Your energy levels will be on the high side and some of you may get elevation in your position. Professional may get promotion. Those seeking transfer will be get desired results.

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