The Sign of the Month
Monday, May 29, 2023

This is a chance for you to reconnect with your inner child and find a balance within yourself. You are building your life with thoughts, words and actions every moment. Be present and you can make a conscious choice.

On 13 October, Aries Purnima is making you unconsciously aware of your desires for a social status, friendship, romantic relationship, and / or an aspiration. Improvement in connecting with someone in your life or an opportunity that makes your heart beat faster.

Please refrain from trying to fit in or get in. You can only be yourself. Make peace in your heart with you and your desires. You forgot everyone all the time, and the people who love you will love you anyway. This is a chance to heal your heart and make healthy choices that make you happy.

Life is developing when the Sun enters Scorpio. Give priority to Release results that serve your quality of life and your deepest sense of purpose.

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