The Sign of the Month
Thursday, October 28, 2021

You are becoming aware of subconscious processes, secret desires, fears, ambitions and fantasies that you are hardly aware of or accept. But with awareness, you can consciously wish instead of repeating undesirable situations or unknowingly self-destructive or self-sabotage patterns.

Pay attention to your health. If you are lighting a candle at both ends, this is a chance to relax and reflect. This is also an opportunity for healing (physically or emotionally) to invite you into deeper relationships.

A cycle is ending, perhaps you are ending a job or changing your routine. Trust that it is a success, which paves the way for you to live your best life and pursue your passion. You can breathe life into a dream, make room for it and step towards it daily. You don't have all the answers, but trust your intuition and the universe. Take things once a day and your next steps will come in front of you.

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