Holidays under the Stars
Signs belonging to the element of Fire:


During this period you will manage to get out of quite a few difficulties; you'll be able to increase your number of acquaintances and meet people who will make you happy and help you to forget any concerns. Those of you in a relationship will go through a very romantic phase with many moments of intimacy. This will improve your relationship and there will be numerous possibilities to increase the size of the family with the arrival of a baby! Singletons will be very lucky for the entire month of August and will be able to experience love at first sight even though this may end by the end of the summer. At work you will be plagued by various tasks and you will find it hard to take a break; you will however be able to show a jealous co-worker your worth and this will give you personal satisfaction. Watch out for over spending. Heath: weak areas: legs and feet.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Madrid Spain and Greece
Ideal partners:
Cancer and Capricorn


You will enjoy a period of serenity and forget any indisposition. Those in a relationship will be able to achieve their goals, they will find excellent harmony with their partner and nothing will be able to spoil this moment of escape and light-heartedness. Happy news regarding a relative or an unresolved situation which has been cause for anxiety or worry is on the cards. Singletons will be very lucky around the first half of July and then again in the first half of August; they will make a great many acquaintances and some of these could turn into long term relationships. At work those who have had legal problems will solve them easily; earnings will be higher than average and many of you will get a pay rise. Health: you could feel temperature highs and lows so be careful of air conditioned rooms.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Poland and South Africa
Ideal partners:
Libra and Sagittarius


Dear friends of this Sign, this Summer period will be very lucky for you, especially at the start of June. If you are in a relationship, you will make choices together and agree. You will have happy and carefree days and be able to get to know one another better on an intimate level. Youngsters of the Sign will have a great opportunity to start a very important relationship, especially around the 20th July, a period in which they will enjoy passionate evenings with a new partner. At work you won't have any problem imposing what you want and will be able to use your worldly wisdom to prevent any difficulties. You will earn more than usual especially if you are self employed. Health: during this period you will probably gain a few kilos but will still be charismatic!

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Andaman Indiai and Armenia
Ideal partners:
Sagittarius and Gemini
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