Holidays under the Stars
Signs belonging to the element of Ground:


During this period, you will be able to satisfy some personal demands and find the right solutions to some family problems which have worried you for some time. Around the 24th of June, you will be favoured in the sector of acquaintances: you will be able to start up new friendships even though deep down you may feel a need for freedom and independence and this may prevent you from cultivating these friendships to the full extent. If you are in a relationship, you can expect some heated arguments around the end of July but you will manage to sort things out and get back harmony and spend a carefree, quiet period together. Singletons will have the opportunity for flings but important or long term relationships are not on the cards. At work, this is a very happy period, especially as in July a very important event for your profession should occur. Health: you will feel a little weary but in general your health will be excellent.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Singapore and Croatia
Ideal partners:
Leo and Scorpio


In June you will be more prone to social contacts: you will go through a phase of maturity and deepening of the soul and will avoid waste and pointless spending. Many youngsters of the Sign will make new acquaintances and will be the centre of attention, at the heart of the group. They will have some unconventional evenings! More mature people will be able to improve their relationship especially in July and August, a period in which their intimacy will improve. At work you will be very prudent when faced with new opportunities and this will allow you to consolidate your income and keep your chin up with enough verve to go forward. Health: the Stars advise you to look after yourself and to eat well and healthily.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Nicobar India and France
Ideal partners:
Pisces and Taurus


This period will be determined by your psychophysical well-being. You will manage to find valid solutions to the various family problems and reach great harmony with those close to you. You can interact well with them and make choices together. The Stars will give you strength and the necessary energy to face events which will concern you, especially as regards emotional issues, a sector in which relationships will go through an extremely delicate moment. You need to act with a great deal of discretion and patience towards your partner as it is only in this way that you will be able to quickly resolve any issues. Singletons will be very lucky in July, a period in which they can start a new important and long term relationship. At work you will be one of the luckiest Signs of the Zodiac, your income will be higher and there will not be any problems whatsoever. Health: your health will be excellent and you will not have any problems.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Kanyakumari India and California USA
Ideal partners:
Gemini and Leo
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