Know about Your Diet

Let the Stars plan the perfect meal for you! Discover the dishes suggested by Zingastro and all astrological appetites will be catered for! Enjoy your meal...

Aries women like to lose weight quickly and if it doesnít happen they give up it easily and soon. The best diet for Aries women are Fish, Fresh salads, Apple or grape juice so that these will helps to keep the higher metabolism under control. When it comes to Aries men, itís advisable to take a good diet with carbohydrates. This may help them by given the needed energy. Should take a variety and it will not be bored.

Taurus women have lot of patience and they balance the diet well and lose weight slowly but itís permanent. The recommended fruits are apples, grapes and you should take the vegetable and spices as well. Other than these itís recommended to have grains as well. Cookies, candy and high fat food are not good for you at all. When it comes to Taurus men, they should also stick to the diet plan as Taurus women.

Gemini women eat unhealthy food and they eat them in a rush too, so they should plan their meals five times per day. And make sure to avoid coffee and other caffeine beverages. It is recommended to replace all these with tea. For both men and women itís advisable to take oranges, grapefruits, peaches as fruits and eat fresh vegetables as well.

Cancer women are good in cooking, they have the talent to try new things always, but they need to take a low fat diet, for both men and women, is it important to take fish, grapes, cabbage juice, broccoli and cauliflower. Under the avoid category you will find sugar, pastry, white bread and beer as well. Cancer sign people are tend to get stress easily and this may be the cause for getting ulcer and other gastric problems. Because of these reason they should have a strict and well planned diet program.

Leo women like to have good food and refined drinks. They have a good metabolism which allows them to stay active. Vegetables with iron are a must for them, spinach, broccoli, grapes, coconuts and raisins are important. This is same for Leo men too.

For Virgo women it is advisable to take a vegetarian diet. As they have to be more concern on their digestive system. Boiled vegetables are good for you and other than that spinach, whole grains, salads, apples, celery, tomatoes, bananas and brown rice are the recommended foods. It is good if both men and women avoid the fast food products, meat, spicy foods, and high fat sources. Better to avoid foods which cooked from lot of oil as well.

Libra people should drink water as much as they can and they should avoid alcohol and sweet beverages. It is advisable to have a high protein diet and it should contain fish, sea food, yogurt, brown rice. As fruits you can take grapes, apples, strawberries, almonds. Other than these you should add corn, tomatoes, spinach, and asparagus to your diet. For Libra men it is advisable to have high fiber diet and avoid cookies and candy.

Scorpio people should add brown rice, wheat seeds to their diet and as vegetables green salad, celery, cucumber. Cherries, oranges and lemons you can add as fruits. Scorpio men usually forget to eat their diet and it is recommended to use ingredients which are easy to eat and prepare. Spicy foods are also a favourable product for scorpion men.

People who born under this sign are recommended to eat fruits rich in vitamins C, Tomatoes, garlic and onion which should help to lose the weight. They should avoid any kind of fast food, sugar products.

Capricorns should diet but with essential proteins and more calcium supplements on it. The recommended foods are meat, fish, potatoes, pasta, corn, eggs and coconut. And itís important to avoid any kind of hot food item.

For Aquarius women it is recommended to have a low fat diet. Should avoid all high fat foods and candy. Specially apples and fruits with citric acids are allowed, and dried fruits too. When it comes to men, they should eat and get the diet which is good for their heart.

Pisces like to have a good diet but itís not good for them and they need a helping hand to start dieting. Pisces men and women both should take food rich in iron. Liver, eggs, kidneys as meat products and you can add whole grains, dried bean, spinach, green bean, oysters as vegetables and make sure to add grapes, dried plums, apricots and peaches as fruits. It is important to reduce the salt in their diet.

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