Holidays under the Stars
Signs belonging to the element of Air:


During the first days in June, you will have some intense moments; if you are in a critical phase in your relationship, you will be able to find a solution to character differences but you should avoid imposing your personality; you risk ending up in unpleasant situations which will be hard to solve. Some advice: contain your instincts, be more accommodating and try to agree with your beloved even if you don't like it! Youngsters of this sign, during this phase and especially around the end of July, will be able to conquer a new acquaintance and have a long lasting relationship; they will have to avoid however pretending to be different to who they really are and be spontaneous and frank. At work, you will manage to face obstacles with great determination, but you will have little time to devote to yourself and to relaxation. Health: the Stars advise you to not exaggerate with cold drinks and to take long walks.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Ooty India and Kyrgyzstan
Ideal partners:
Aries and Pisces


The Stars advise you to not be so fussy and to try not to be so dramatic when faced with negative events; only in this way will others see you in a better light. Relationships could have some heated discussions for pointless reasons and, moreover, in this phase, jealousy is a great deterrent. So those of this Sign should be more prone to friendships and not get cross if their partners get any compliments! Single people will be very lucky towards the end of July and at the end of August. During this period, they will probably meet one of the most important acquaintances in their life and should try to express themselves with sincerity and not stray from the truth! At work, the tasks assigned to you will be really difficult but you will be able to sort out any problem with flair. Health: in general you will be in excellent health.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Goa Indiai and Barcelona Spain
Ideal partners:
Virgo and Aries


During this period you will tend to complicate your life. You will be very stubborn and want to do things your way...this behaviour could cause tension at home and lead to a period of instability. Those in relationships can expect differences of opinion as regards holiday location and you could feel there is some incompatibility of personality. This could be due to your tendency to be too independent or maybe because you spend so much time with friends rather than being with your beloved. Singletons will not be favoured if they try to woo people who are very different from them....and so could be disappointed. At work you will however be very active and will be able to show your worth and make new important acquaintances who could be useful in the future for your profession. Avoid being critical. Health: your health will be very good and nothing will concern you.

Suggested locations for the holidays:
Tuscany Italy and Poland
Ideal partners:
Scorpio and Virgo
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