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Life will be truly fantastic if you get a perfectly compatible partner in love. Nothing can match that happiness when you are living with your love compatible partner. In real life you need to move with the person, analyze their pros and cons and then finally find whether he/she is a perfect love match for you. Zingastro can also help you to find whether your marriage partner is compatible or not.

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 Top 10 Love Quotes

  1. "Kiss is a wonderful creation of nature and it stops the words when you feel itís pointless."
  2. "If you want to see the goodness of a person then you really love the person and if you need the person then itís only the romantic love."
  3. "You find everything is possible only in dreams and love."
  4. "When you compare the happiness of a personís whole lifetime of dull and common life with a loverís hour, you will see the hour is similar to the whole life time."
  5. "I love from my soul, bottom of my heart and each breath of mine."
  6. "I love you for what I am with you not for what you are."
  7. "Love refines desire upon the eyes; love brings grace into the heart."
  8. "Love what you feel the happiness of other person than yours."
  9. "Love is the charming birth which emerges in every heart.."
  10. "When it comes to love arithmetic, if you say everything it means one plus one , but if you minus one from two its nothing."

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